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Einfach toll, nette Leute kennengelernt


Not much to say, great game just like GoW!


Awesome game


Enough said


オモシロイよ! ハマっちゃった(*^^*)


Świetna gierka





Fun game

Nice game

I like it


Fun game. A lot like GOW


Good gameplay.




Fajna gra


Very good game

Fajna gra :)

Gram ;)




Good game

Great game

Good game but its a money vacuum

Used to be a good game

Don't spend a penny on this game

Full Crap

If I had 2 words to describe the game, it would be ***k*** *h** because it’s FULL CRAP! But do u know what’s more annoying about this? The ******* ads you get from the ******* game. Idk why people even play it. There’s a reason why the game has bad ratings. Just save ur life (if u have one) and don’t play it. I found that out the hard way, there is no need for more.


The game is a very interactive and fun THIS GAME IS FOR ALL AGES I HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU WHO GET THIS GAME IN MY ALLIANCE ~thanks

Best game

Best game ever ...lots of fun


This game is great

Luv it

So cool

Don’t bother with this

Played this for a few years. Was fun for awhile. The newest updates have killed that fun. To even begin to compete you’ll have to buy a hundred dollar pack to obtain cybernetic troops as their introduction made all previous levels irrelevant and underpowered. This is coming from an account with over mttttt power. Pass on this one and find something better. People are leaving this game faster than rats of a sinking ship

No Fun! Greedy

I was one of the firsts who downloaded this epic game (back then) and had a lot of fun, made hell huge number of friends and really enjoyed playing but the company did not stop adding new upgrades every week and to keep up with the power you should maintain and not to be burned, we had to spend at least 200-400$ a week..... they never stopped upgrading nor slowing down the new gears... so punch of the old players all left the game and so did I... and this is only my experience with this game

Predatory game

Fun game but they keep wanting more and more money to grow your base. After playing the game since it's release, it has become time to surrender and cut my losses.The game has changed directions several times, with every change of direction your current forces are outdated . Now matter how large you get, you could lose all your work and money spent in less than 5 minutes. Buy real gold instead. You get a return on your money instead of flushing your money down the toilet.

Cool game

I like it

Crak Jaxit

Very addictive and a lot of fun!!😂😂😂 very engaging and challenging. A lot less pay to play than GOW and a lot more fun!! Sssoooo very happy that the addiction is wearing off!!


This game makes u pay after lvl 21 to upgrade

Money Pit.

This was and could’ve have remained a great game but they got greedy. Now it is no longer about strategy but who has the most money to spend. If you want to be competing prepare to spend thousands of dollars a year. There is no more strategy, people are leaving in droves because it isn’t a war game now. It is I have the most money and you can’t attack me. We it used to be your alliance would attack together but if you don’t spend a single base will beat several players at once. Now people just stay shielded and do nothing. They ruined a promising game.

Too many layers

The game was a 5 Star - fun and sociable. It’s not for me anymore. Too many layers to every section. Not fun anymore - too bad

Old Fun, New Boring

I downloaded this game at least a year ago. The last thing I remember was when HQ 22 was coming out. The last HQ where you didn’t have to buy anything to get it. The game was fun back then everyone was active and doing much to get everything done. Now it’s only a game of buy packs to be able to do something. I mean sure you get free things to get an HQ level but does it make you even with everyone else, no. Games like this are more fun for me just to watch other people do better. There is now only a small amount of active players. I miss the old days.

Poorly run business

I too will not talk about the addictive nature or the incredible amount of money required to “keep up” with other players to be competitive. I want to discuss the ridiculous customer service. You are only allowed to speak with your own first tier rep, not allowed to talk with a supervisor. Most every response to technical problems, game advancement, not getting what you paid for or from a challenge is a standard, repeated canned answer. Open tickets are summarily closed without resolution, often even after months of contact. I’ve emailed the MS team hundreds of times regarding serious technical glitches, overpriced packs/value of content, and no advancement of the game. Our state is stuck, at level 23. Other states of the exact age are over 1100. Terribly unfair and the support team will not make changes. We’ve lost literally hundreds and hundreds of paying players over the last two months and still no answers or no fixes. This company and its customer service are run very badly. They do not seem to care about their customers.


It is so bud that ur game made my grandma die (Seriously not kidding)

Biggest rip of game should be zero stars

This game was fun for the first 1 1/2 years I was playing. You had plan a strategy with your alliance to rally a player or take a capital this was fun and every one was pretty much equal. Now they are so greedy and always adding new stuff every week so they can take you money. I have heard players spend $1000 week to play. This game is all about who has the most money will win. There no strategy and has be come a graveyard of dead bases. It used be be almost 100 states now it down to 20 or more so what does this tell you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible Money Pit

The game is fun but unless you want to spend some serious cash ($1000+ easily) to be able to play and be competitive, I suggest staying away. The app is constantly glitchy and in my state we have had multiple instances of false advertisement. Even if you spend money to be big and powerful, someone can come along and spend more and destroy your base causing you to have to spend more to rebuild. I know people who have sank close to $7K into this game and still have to pay more to continue to be competitive. The timers are ridiculously long (more than several years for some). There is no way to play for free (or very little) and have fun.

What a scam!

This game is a scam. They just keep you spending and spending with the promise of game play but it’s all just an unattainable goal. You buy packs, build, research, train, etc. and then they come out with all new stuff that you have to buy and start all over before you can even use the stuff you bought. There’s always guys out there that seem to be able to instantly be the strongest so you can never compete with them. And if you try, you will lose everything and have to spend more money to get back in the game. Don’t waste your money on this game and unfortunately there’s very little you can do in the game without spending money.

M$ Pay to Win

Where to begin? Well the game economy is so now so inflated that farming resources is a joke. Game gold is meaningless. At one time you could start out farming resources, pickup gold drops and raid smaller bases and progress. Not anymore. I played it a lot 2 years ago and it was fun. Now it’s totally pay to keep up with everyone else. Can’t imagine how much this game is costing some people. Base maximums are insane, players protesting in game... If I could give it zero stars I would. Stay away!

Like it or not

I enjoy it keeps me busy , but hard to find a base commander to capture


It’s cool. A little confusing with all the stuff in the game but it’s ok.

I used to love playing mobile strike (Also lag in game makes it unfair to try and play)

They’ve gotten to the point that every pack you buy costs 100.00 and it only gets you a percentage of the things you need. Some people can’t afford to spend 1000’s of dollars for a game they upgrade every couple of days to try and keep up is ludicrous. I used to buy packs regularly. But being a parent more importantly and a student it’s not right how they’ve gotten greedy. I’ve invited quite a few people and for that you get 10 gold daily from Facebook friends. The new cybernetics is crazy. After we spent 100’s if not 1000’s already they keep rising the price to stay in the game. Had I known that they would have done all this I wouldn’t have ever invited anyone. Mobile strike needs to realize not everyone can afford that. Used to be cool to log in and battle. But can’t say that anymore. 👎

Pay to play

Stop with the pay to play!!!The game is very addictive. Alliance chat is awesome but you have to spend a lot of money if you want to compete. I would have given it 5 stars if you didn't have to spend so much. Ew needs to make it to where you don't have to pay to play.

Muy lento y Costoso

El juego está interesante, pero es muy,muy lento El Progreso y demasiado costoso,,! No lo recomiendo a nadie , si tienes dinero para regalar o despreciar,, Este Es Tu Juego,,!

Don’t waste your time

If u have money to burn play, if not don’t!


Like it but it could be better

Unlimited Upgrades for $100 EACH.

They changed the ad to include the truth. A little. Unlimited upgrades is exactly what it means. If you are prepared to pay top dollar to beta test, this is your platform. Each new upgrade will cost you $100 now. You can’t wait a week and pay $20 to stay a week or more behind the leaders anymore. There is no catching up. I saw a review about Head Quarters level 450. Bases have surpassed level 1100 and are still growing. Certainly, you can play for free, but do not expect to compete. Instant free building levels to hq 1000 after paying through the nose for years to stay current? That is how the developers reward loyalty. Constant bugs, crashes, and black screens. Lag builds very quickly and getting booted during battle is so common, we reboot before we attempt battle and cross our fingers. VIP components often do not work. Put in a ticket to address a problem and be prepared to convince customer service you are not an idiot. Numbers mean nothing in this game anymore. A year ago, we hoarded speedups and used them carefully. Now we use speedups to cut research time by trillions of trillions of Days. They stopped using numbers when power surpassed the trillions. Now they have abandoned Arabic numbers (1-10) for “star” power. This is the next level beyond 999 BTTTTT. That is Billion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion power. Very few players know how to battle anymore because it has become so complicated. Over 35 different tiers of troops, assault vehicles, bio-chemicals, building boosts, gear upgrades and modifications and augmentations, troop training bonuses, commander upgrades and skills. On and on. Yes, I still play. The very best in-game chat system I have come across. I participate in events with different teams and move my base into formations. Yes, I can move my base into a line with others to form a number on the map. Good luck and happy simming. Because unless you are willing to pay $100 to advance into the next level, that is all you will be able to do. Sim. City. On. Steroids. 2 stars for the chat system and ability to block the kids looking to hook up.


This game does start out fast. You build up your base to level 3 before you know it. But it’s hard to keep going. Great alliances make it possible. It gets so addicting to keep going and build bigger and bigger. This game is a love/hate relationship!


Overall good game 5 stars!!!


This game is trash

Don’t spend on packs

This is a dead game ... DON’T buy packs .... it’s a waste of money.

Needs new areas

The game is fun and has a lot things to unlock and do but it’s a big pay to win if your a free player everyone is 1100 level base and has a lifetime supple of resources making the game not as fun when everyone is op and can one hit each other they should make a new zone we’re no one can teleport to unless there base is level 6 and below and not give out these bundles that basically make you god

Great game

To upgrade the HQ u need money not fair this game is a thief

Terrible Money Sucker

You cannot get anywhere in the game without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Yes I mean hundreds. At higher levels some things take 100+ days to complete. That’s a third of a year you are waiting to advance one single thing.

Zero customer help

Want to spend big bucks on a fantasy game? Want to be all you think you can be. This game is a total rip off. If you don’t spend atlease $700.00 to start, your not going to like how the big money players treat you. It seams that the big power players like to hit the little level players. There is more based that are abandoned because MS has not made the game a fair playing filed. Players with 50 billions power hitting players with 500,000 power. That’s no contest.

Good then unplayable then good (Repeat)

They must have fired their programmers. Not many games can prong together thousands of people from all over the world to work for and against you. In our 100 person alliance we have an even group of people working approximately 8 hours difference (time zones) B- gaming experience. D- Support

Pay to play.

As you've probably read I. The other reviews, this game pulls you in, and you enjoy playing, and just as things really get good, they slam you with a system that practically demand that money is spent. Not worth the wasted time.

Garbage quality game

Game is a buggy mess, not typically huge problems at least until Lifetime benefits I bought and paid money for just up and vanish on day after a regular update. I contacted customer service, and they said they have restored these Benefits to my account. However I'm still clearly missing a significant number of benefits I should for all intents and purposes be getting. I contacted customer service again, and got the same response and the Lifetime Benefits I should be getting Still Haven't been restored. Game is a buggy mess, crap quality customer service that refuses to fix any issues I guarantee you will experience regardless of what device you may be using, and in general all around poor quality effort on the developers part to ensure that everything works as it should. Game is highly addictive and carries a hefty price tag with it being pay to win so I advise anyone to avoid downloading it to their devices.

Money drain

So this is totally pay to win, and constantly pay to keep up.. it went from when I paid 15 bucks to get a level 60 command center and now they are offering packs with level 900+ command centers.. total rip off

Do not waste time and money in this game

When the game first started out it was fun and there was some strategy to it. Now it is all about buying the latest pack. If you don’t spend money on the latest pack you will not be able to do the latest research or level up your buildings. The only strategy now is to out spend your opponents. Also, your may think you bought the best pack but tomorrow Mobile Strike will come out with a new time or gear or troop or whatever else they make up to make your pack from yesterday passé. Spend your time and money on something else. This is no long a fun game.

Stay Away from This Game!!!

Biggest waste of time/money you’ll ever put into a game. They have new gear, new something every 1-2-3 days. It’s pathetic and you can’t enjoy your new gear because after you purchase a pack, there’s a new pack that’s better then the one you purchased. I miss the good’ol days, made great friends and was a strategic game. Now it’s a Credit Card Club of the Rich. You’ve been warned!

Must be the money!

I’m active do everything I’m supposed too. I even spent a few hundred over the years. However it doesn’t matter New players are paying and getting 5 times as big. It’s not to bash mobile strike but if it doesn’t recognize there loyal customers we will find a game that is looking for money every update and holidays . It’s a shame I seen this happen to so many games . 🍀

Expensive To Play

Will cost a lot to try to keep up and will become very complicated. Will consume a lot of your time. Out of play with one good hit. KHAN

Money Pit

I’ve invested at least $100 or more in this game and can honestly say it’s getting me nowhere. This game requires you to buy packs constantly in order to even remotely keep up. It’s ridiculous. The game itself is very fun however I’m tired of the expense. My alliance and I have all switched to Game Of Kings which is very similar to this game only much less expensive. I’m predicting that Mobile Strike will lose a lot of gamers if they continue their current marketing strategy.

Fun game

Love the game however since the last update too many crashes

Cheating Money Pit

This game is garbage all it wants you to do is pay money to play everything is way too expensive you never can reach the top because you buy research and then they add more so you never can play😡😡then on top of that if you do pay they cheat you out of stuff you paid for😡😡 and the game kicks you off or freezes up and you can’t play 😡😡 don’t waste your time or money it’s not worth it to play this game you need to dump about $500 or more a week but if you do they will just all more troops you need and research you can’t keep you 😡😡😡 games a joke😡😡I cant even get on to chat with my friends half the time not nice 😡😡

Really hard to continue

I was playing for about 15 minutes and that’s how much it took me to quit. I got into an area with a bunch of players that kept attacking me and I kept using my teleports to get out. Eventually I got to s high number of troops and I lagged out. Supposing it saved I just didn’t care. I lost all my troops. Plus you need to put so much time to get to another level. Please adjust how much you can get attacked please.

Way too expensive

Way too expensive, as others of said you can dump loads of money and in a short period of time it’s all obsolete without you continuing to dump money into it.

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