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Not much to say, great game just like GoW!


Awesome game


Enough said


オモシロイよ! ハマっちゃった(*^^*)


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Fun game

Nice game

I like it


Fun game. A lot like GOW


Good gameplay.




Fajna gra


Very good game

Fajna gra :)

Gram ;)




Good game

Great game

Good game but its a money vacuum

Money Pit

Fun game however, the only way to have fun, engage, and grow is to spend $100 per pack. The packs give you just enough to almost catch up to other players then they add upgrades that you have to spend $100 on each individual pack to get it.

Pay to Play

I had this app for around 2ish years and it was fun at first being able to start out and join an alliance and all that, but you’ll realize that if you don’t spend loads of money, players who did will absolutely crush you into the ground and set you back realllllly far. It quickly became a pay to play game where you are required to spend hundreds of dollars to make minimal progress, and as a high school student (back when I had the app) it was something I really could not afford. Games should be fun and not demanding of money

Good game but...

Well, this game is good, I’ll say that. But there are two problems: one, this game is really just a pay to win, and two, I bought a ten dollar pack and got literally nothing. Not even the slightest change to my inventory. Overall, they need to fix these bugs, but the game can be enjoyed without payment!

Soo laggy and annoying

Ever since the cyber update, I first was amazed but it goes down already the lag is real, it has so many issues, and it take so long like I have to take like the entire age of the universe 10 times over and over again. Developer if you see this, fix this game immediately and fast. No lags, no time wasted, no more intense and no resources to be wasted or worthless.


Stay away from this game!!! After years of playing you would think the packs would have gotten a bit cheaper but oh no... they still at $100.... if you want to spend your money go ahead but believe me you will never be able to catch him up to the players. I bought 2 pack and upgrade my base from 1101 to level 1125 in just 3 days and then the 5th day they gave away free building upgrade to lvl 1120.. all my rss and time boost went down the drain. I would buy 10 pack instead of one (1) pack if they were sold at $50

Good but I don’t know why mobile ops doesn’t show up on the base map

I don’t get what is wrong. Not sure if I need to buy it or if my game is glitched, but a good game though

Don’t bother playing

What’s the point where you lose 500mttt while killing only 2 units. Plus all units killed and none were in hospital.

Don't Download

This game requires ALOT! Of money to play. Other games by this money pit developers are just the same Game of War and Final Fantasy do not download! Am waiting for a Lawsuit against these developers for ripping people off!

Rip off. Not free

This game is a ripoff. It’s not free. Troy have to spend money and lots of it in order to obtain needed items. On top of that now if you need something like a 30 day peace shield you have to score 30M loyalty points which is nearly impossible and so you het attached over and over having to rebuild everything you had making it even harder to get that peace shield. When contacted about it the mfg support says “oh we did that to make the game more fun”. Tell me what’s so fun about having to rebuild you troop strength every day because you can no longer buy the shields because you have no more loyalty points because you had to rebuild everything?

Worst game ever!

Legit this was the most crappy game I’ve ever played

if youre not a millionaire then then dont download

worst game ever

Pay and pay to play

First pack is $5. Next is $20. Then usually $99. Need to buy a pack a week to stay competitive. Otherwise you are repeatedly killed by people with $99 /week to spend. Very time consuming. Some challenges take 20 minutes of tapping bullets to complete a challenge. I played for 2 years and had to give it up because it was too frustrating to log on every day and find that I was zeroed and would spend the next day rebuilding troops and defenses, only to log in the next day and be rezeroed. I spent $5 to unlock special buildings, and 3 months later they took them off the game.

Why Your Game is no longer good

Ok this hole level 1000 stuff it doesn’t work ok I attacked a player who had one ONE patrol vehicle at a level 5 farm with almost 1,000,000 tanks,armored vehicles, artillery, and regular infantry. HE KILLED ALL OF THEM WITH ONE TROOP THAT MY ARTILLERY SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED OUT BUT GUESS WHAT HE KILLED EVERYTHING. A year ago I found your game to be very good with nothing wrong with it. But your game is probably the worst out there now

Money pit

Do not play this game. Started out a great concept and actually used to take some thought. Greed has taken over mobile strike unless you can spare a couple thousand dollars you will not be competitive. Now they started a game in the game to double up on people who play. Customer service is scripted and probably computers. They could care less about what the consumer wants. Take this warning do not play. It gets worse everyday...... I have been playing for years and regret it everyday. Now don’t think it’s free just to be competitive they throw in $99.99 only items that will destroy all you work avoid at all cost.....


So I've been trying to update my commander for the past 3-4 days and the game keeps crashing. This is getting on my nerves b/c I have over 3300 points to add. 😡😡😡😡 so now it's honing into November and the game still crashes!!! I have to delete and reload the game because it will not allow me to log on!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️


Games is frustrating and depressing anymore, developers progression is bent on 300.00 more a month on packs just to be optimal enough to play once your levels surpass their infancy. Support doesn’t help as they the developers render everything you need in the game obsolete to keep you buying more. Don’t waste money on DBCs either. Just a ruse as levels progress the currency is rendered useless no matter how much you have purchased. Sad turn of events is the game was once great and required strategic settings that could outdo master high rollers with more money. Developers answer to the imperialist and crap on the strategist. You will abandon play before too long and feel cheated in the end.

No balance, no strategy, no fun.

The mini game ad that originally caught my interest in the game has ZERO to do with the actual game. That's false advertising. After playing Mobile Strike for over 100 days I can safely say with some authority and knowledge that it is awful as games go. As someone wise once said "I admire your ability to get paid for this ..." Your game is flawed is so many fundamental ways that it is difficult to enumerate them nor will I try. There is no balance, skill, or strategy envolved beyond which alliances can afford to pour the most money in to the game. As with so many aspects of your game Harvesting resources is pointless since there is nothing to stop a high level base from tile hitting all the smaller deployments that may have actual need of the resources. A second reason why harvesting resources is pointless is because the scale at which resources are used (Billions, Trillions, Thousands of Trillions, Millions of Trillions, Billions of Trillions, Trillions of Trillions, ... ) it would be impossible to harvest on that scale. The scale of bonuses involved between building boosts, troop enhancements, the Stat shop, the various research trees, the uber equipment, equipment mods, equipment attachments, insignia, and on and on and on ... and now vehicles. There's no balance or skill, just people with lots of time and money to throw away. Good for your profit margin I supposed but a very poorly designed game. Some of the players I've talked to have spend several hundred, if not thousands, on the game because Mobile Strike is always releasing their newest gimmick to yet again add another boost of ridiculous scale ...what's next? The +10,000,000,000,000% (trillion) uber awesome ultimate nuclear unbreakable attack boost. You're almost there and your customers are the fools continuing to do so. The game doesn't make any attempt to provide a path to advancement, slow or otherwise, unless you buy your way to higher levels. The landscape is littered with dead and abandoned bases of the players who smartened up or went broke ...

Game was fun at first but got greedy

Tons quit after daily research and builds coming out every other day other games better and not so greedy you know when commercials stop they aren’t doing good

Just ...Wow

Potentially great game but if you are competitive, be ready to keep spending upwards of 500-2000$. Its 4 star fun with a 1 star bs constant upsell

Terrible customer appreciation, total rip off, game-makers need to be sued

I don’t usually review apps, but this one needs to be done. The developers completely take advantage of their customers. There is nothing good about these people. I started playing the game and actually had a lot of fun. I had a good alliance with supportive friends that would protect me from the bullies that would play. I thought it was a stupid idea to ever buy anything. I avoided spending money like the plague. I had fun trying to level myself up without spending a dime. Eventually, the “packs” you could buy became more appealing. Not only would they help me grow faster, but buying a pack would help my alliance, too. I bought one and liked the results. I skyrocketed and could actually compete with the top dogs in my state. So I bought a couple more packs. I probably spent about 1,000 bucks total. Fast forward to today.... They LITERALLY give out free upgrades that automatically put the players at an astronomical amount of power. Completely for free. Which makes me completely obsolete, even though I spent hundreds of dollars. In any other market, 1,000 dollars could get me a quality product. In some, this would make me a VIP or at least get some special treatment. But not here. They take your money and then leave you in the dust. They could care less if a few months later you are struggling financially because you fell into their trap. I could have used that money to improve my life but instead it went to a money pit. They cheated me and thousands of other people out of (most likely) millions of dollars. This game, and any other game like it, deserve to be banned from the App Store. I would love to get a refund but I know that’ll never happen.

Awesome Game

I love it!

Poorly Designed

The Commander skills don’t work right. I have 77 points and am only allowed to apply 16 of them. Terrible tech support. They say they working on fixing. Then they say it’s fixed. Then say we are working on it. I highly recommend a different game to spend time and money on.

Mobile Strike

If you want to learn the secretes of rallying, and controlling a CP, join my alliance. The most fun in this game is battling for Control Points. State : 669 IZCO ELITES -TheBigZ 😎☠️🔥🔥😎☠️

Game has been ruined unless you are rich

Recently the game changed back to packs for 100 dollars and shields use loyalty points which are impossible to keep up with. Responses are slim to none from support and there is no way to be competitive and enjoy the game unless you spend huge amounts of cash. One slip of a shield and you have lost everything. Was fun in the beginning, now they have destroyed the fun and there are better things to do in life than waste time with this app.

Just say NO!

The game starts off like all the others of this type. There is a lot you can do for free, but it has a limit. Soon, you ha e to spend real money to do even the most mundane things, otherwise all your efforts will simply feed the next big spender as he zeroes your base. Now you have to spend even more to rebuild. Alliances no longer help, and the developers finally figured out that if they make long-term shields impossible to obtain, everyone will be forced to log in more (to get assaulted with their constant advertisement for money), actually SPEND your actual money, or simply quit (that’s me). Dead bases litter the landscape in every state. Now it might be worth putting up with this crap if the gameplay was worth a darn, but it’s not. No action at all. Might as well go back to text based Dungeons & Dragons. As the computer realized in the War Games movie, “The only winning move is NOT TO PLAY!” Shush

Don’t do it !

This game would be also if it didn’t change every few days. All your money spent will soon be on gear that is out of date in a month. Don’t even try to be competitive unless your spending 100$ a week. When you have a glitch or an error, or the game hangs rest assured when you notify tech support they will blame it on you and your equipment. Even when your running the new Apple phone and a 400$ router. It’s never there server just pay pay pay and don’t bother them. It’s a said thing also when over the year all the money you spend doesn’t matter because everything is outdated and they’ve moved to a completely different playing platform. Or you wake up and 1/2 of you base is missing. Remember the 300$ you spent to upgrade all your buildings....? Then 1/2 your base is missing... yup. They changed the platform. I’ve played since this game started up years ago. I no longer play much and spend no cash. Keep a log of what you spend. You will throw up after the first year. Good luck 👎🏻

Very expensive!

Do not play in less you have a Lotta money to spend each week! If you’re able to spend $70 a week on the game then you can be competitive.

My stuff is gone

Im playing the game and one day I tap on the app and all my stuff is gone

Nothing to see

They had a good game but became too greedy. A game for whales. Play the free version in a new state and when you start to see large growth its time to quit. Solitaire is a better option, and its free!!

One very large problem

Since my last review, this game has changed a lot... and not for the better. Base upgrade limit has gone from 21 to over 1100 and I don't even know the max. The game has become so pay-to-win it's barely a game anymore. If you enjoy actually progressing, avoid this game.

Mobile Strike

I’ve been playing this game since it came out! It’s a great game and I love it . I’ve had my own alliance and played the politics. I was once most powerful in the state . But get real you got to stop using money and research slow down and let us play! Most people can’t keep up unless they have a lot of money. The money is in small buys $5,$10,$20. Not $99. What I’m trying to say is iv our so much time and effort only to find out that I’ve lost everything because you mobile strike decided to chance up every thing to where my shield doesn’t mean anything. Why? Because my shield no longer is valid all the shields I bought with my real money to keep me safe so I could do what you said and wanted me to do by building my empire . But no I have to get the new stuff that requires more money and getting my commander back . Not cool mobile strike !! As much money as I’ve put in now my gold is worthless my every thing is worthless . This was my life now this is my black hole ! Fix it JusticeRules

Gameplay hazzard

This game deserves a 5/5 but with this new upate of going to level 1101 and having everything played out for you is a no go. I used to play this game and it was fun and simple, now I have no idea how to even understand this. I wish it went back to the old times.

base missions

none of the base missions will load in which i cannot collect from any of them. at this point, i’ve tried restarting my phone. still not working. i’ve tried deleting the app and logging into my account again as well. still doesn’t work. it’d be great if you could fix this, thanks.


Este juego nada de bueno . Inviertes y luego te daña el juego . Estos evitan que sea un buen jugado y además muy caro $100 dólares para jugarlo . Alguien que me diga cómo reportarlo a las autoridades por fraude .


If you are not rich don’t even download this game


This game is really competitive and fun, but in order to compete you have to pay thousand$$. It is completely not worth getting into, it’s sad that so far, this is the only game of its kind with as detail graphics and gameplay mechanics. Still not worth it DO NOT PAY MONEY. Games like this MUST DIE. They do not have the players interested at heart. This is a bigger scam than a Las Vegas casino. Do not buy.

Do not download

I repeat... do not download. You have to pay heavy amounts regularly to maintain and win

Just don’t

You can’t remotely compete in this game without spending money. Spend your money on anything else. You would be better served by lightning a $100 on fire.

Buggy and Expensive.

Plan on spending $100 a week to play this game at any competitive manner. While you spend $1,000’s enjoy constant crashes, and spending another $100 to fix a bug. Oh then when you ask for support on the bug, expect a form letter response that does not address your concerns. Stay away from this waste of time and money and spend your money on something that works better.

Total Waste of Time

The graphics are the same engine from similar games over 10 years old. They are nothing like the commercials, not really even graphical. It’s one of the few games that requires huge payments just to play. They’ve done away with lower priced packs, so unless you buy $99 packs you basically can’t accomplish anything. Spend thousands to compete and if you ever miss replacing your peace shield for 5 minutes you will be attacked and wiped out. They don’t want anyone that doesn’t spend 5,000 just to start. And I’ve seen them take equipment away from my inventory with no explanation. Their new Mech Dimension is just a way to get you to pay for two games. And they’ve made shields impossible to obtain there so you are sure to lose and have to start over. Corruption and greed. Save yourself from the stupidity.

This game is ripping you off

This is not a game, but a ripoff. All they do is ask for money. Every time you log in, they offer you stupid stuff for money, and the amount increases every time you buy. Do not get unless you want to lose all your money. This is NOT a war game.

Total Money Pit

If you have 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend in order to be relevant in this game by all means get it. A drug or alcohol addiction would be cheaper than this game. Save your money, life, job etc. DO NOT get this game.


Save your money and time! Spend $100 for a pack and half the time your don’t even get what they say is in the pack! MS is just priced the average player out of this game. STAY AWAY

Terrible game

Their only objective is to extract money from the players.... not $5 or $10 but a $100 at a time. If their profits aren’t what they want they change the rules to try and get players to pay more to stay in the game... I was a member since they introduced the game... now they are effectively forcing me off....

Ever seen that SouthPark episode..?

Have you ever seen that South Park episode that explains micro transactions with apps to lure people to spending mad cash to reach progression in a game that you'll never be good enough at? This is that app.

Game used to be much better

Game used to be lots of fun, but now seems to have became a last ditch money grab before everyone quits Mobile Strike. Last packs I bought either didn’t work or were quickly made worthless by small glitches or worse, outright poor programming. Some things work for some and not others. Also seems like most the staff has gone off to work on other game titles from this company and so support for players when they encounter and issue is nearly doesn’t exist anymore. I think they have about 10 people currently supporting, half of who are just bots who send back programmed messages. But if spending money on a game for things that are too glitchy to work sounds like fun to you.. well still go find another game lol, because this one just ain’t the one. It’s awful, just trust me on that. Oh and if you’re expecting to play for free HAHAHAHAHA that’s not gonna work out for you very long but good luck you’re gonna need it!


The creators are money hungry and the game is not worth the expense. I started playing this game years ago and at first you spend a couple bucks and your feeling great. Your able to upgrade your base, improve research, build up your troops, and etc. next thing you know new items are released and everything you accomplished instantly doesn’t matter and now you have to spend hundreds to catch up. Its a repeat cycle and just like that it’s no longer competitive rather who is willing to spend. If I could give negative stars I would. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

This game

This game is fun in beginning but quickly turns into a game where you must spend money to play and not a little bit of money lots - the game makers became very greedy when they saw the money coming in

Alright game, it would be nice if you could restart

Just saying, it would be hella nice

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